Live for moments you can't put into words.

Thank you for celebrating with us!

Today's moments become tomorrow's memories.

While the day was truly unforgettable, we are so thrilled the spirit of the event was captured on camera. We hope that you relive some of that joy while browsing the photo gallery (click below).

The photos of your family are our gift to you.


We appreciate your understanding that images of Alayna are not to be posted on any type of social media. 

Kindness is all we can leave behind

Many of you asked about the uplifting music in our ceremony. We are so happy to introduce you to Empty Hands Music created by Nimo Patel, who lovingly gifts this music to the world. 

Our little family is truly grateful for all that we have, especially for you, our friends and family who surround us with your love and support.

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